New Technology In The Home

//New Technology In The Home

New Technology In The Home

Smart Home Hubs

Most new devices on the market can connect to the internet of things. It’s a cloud based system that allows you to connect to your device through an internet connection. Therein lies the problem. Each product can use different technologies to connect you to the device in your home. For example, there is Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, z-wave and more. The more devices you have, the more controllers you need. In steps the hub. The hub understands all the connector languages and allows you to operate them individually or in concert. For instance, when you unlock your door to your home, the lights go on automatically and sets your thermostat to the temperature you like. User beware. The technology is still in its infancy so you can expect bugs and glitches. According to many of the technology rating websites, the Samsung Smart Hub is rated tops. It can connect 200 devices that are listed by Samsung. Here’s a link.

Coming to a home near you “The Apple HomeKit”

It’s available now but it promises to get better. It is a hub that operates from iOS device (iPhone, iPad). It is set up to work like the apple system that allows an app to be downloaded at the app store. To do this, the app has to go through MFI certification. The simplest way to explain this is it has to meet a checklist of apple demands. But the home kits goes one step further, it has to be secure and meet apple’s security scrutiny. There are quite a few manufactures that already are included but many more are going to come. After all, it’s Apple. Google is working on a competing product that works that works with its home device, Google Home. Here’s a link to the Apple HomeKit.