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Expert Home Architect Services

Architecture is the combination of art and science. Our licensed architects will create a beautiful design that satisfies your needs and formulate the materials we use to build a safe and sound foundation that will last a lifetime. This combination of art and science is an incredibly important part of our design build process and a major benefit for you. Our team of architects, designers and construction professionals work together to check and double check that every element of the process will fit within your budget.

Normally, architectural firms do not have a staff of material buyers and craftsman they can consult with. That’s why projects need to be bid on before a real budget can be set. They don’t have access to current material costs and an estimate of how long a design will take to build. Hofmann Design Build is able to keep your budget intact and deliver your home on time. That’s why design build is the smart choice.


An Architect Ensures a Trouble-Free Renovation or Addition

Almost every home addition, remodeling project, custom home or complete tear down needs an architect to pull the project together. Some projects need it by town regulations, some projects need it just to bring order to chaos, and some projects need it to complete the flow, the feeling and the design of your home. You can be sure that Hofmann Design Build will guarantee unsurpassed beauty and total satisfaction with your home improvement.

Our Home Design Architect Lays the Foundation

The Hofmann step by step process starts with a meeting between you, our home design architect and our design team supervisor. This meeting sets the tone for the rest of the project. We learn about you and we learn about your personal needs and vision which enables us to give you our vision of your project. With this invaluable information, our team is able to create an artful and well coordinated plan. Our supervisor becomes the link between your home architect and your construction team, ensuring the continuity of your project as it goes through the construction phase. With the Hofmann team, your project will pass municipal regulations, there will be a clear and well coordinated plan on how to build it and your home will be beautiful and have architectural continuity that will give you pride every time you view it and entertain your friends. Our home design architects will create a work of art that not only matches your vision and your budget but exceeds your expectations.