By John Arcudi,Wes Dzioba,Zach Howard,Mark Irwin,Raymond Swanland

a bunch of wildcat planetary prospectors plant their flag on new international, wealthy in land, resources... and the best archaeological discovery in historical past, an historical advanced of most unlikely proportions carved deep in the residing rock, a mind-numbing labyrinth of passages, ramps, bridges, and galleries that turns out to increase limitlessly. yet because the exploration of the leviathan lifeless urban proceeds deeper and deeper, the participants of the group slowly start to lose their grip on truth, and insanity offers technique to worry because the explorers start to disappear. anything else lives in the necropolis, a faceless horror as lethal and cruel as area itself, a deadly terror that has waited centuries to awake... and wreck. in the end, darkish Horse Books heralds the go back to photograph fiction of the heavyweight champion of contemporary science-fiction/horror, extraterrestrial beings! positive aspects the top-flight artistic staff of author John Arcudi, penciller Zach Howard, and inker Mark Irwin.

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